Adults Forum

Adults Forum is a sharing app that connects middle-aged adults and young adults through the use of a personality pairing system. It bridges the gap across different generations. Users can share stories, ask questions about life, and get advice.

My Role
UX Designer
Problem Definition, User Research, Strategy, Wireframing, Prototyping, Visual Communication


Key Features

Choosing Personality Traits
With the designs, I felt it was necessary to allow users to visualize the different types of personality through the use of icons and images. Also, the “drag and slide” gesture helps users to have a sense of progress and search results easily while picking one or more personalities trait.

Accessing Messages
Users can go through their sent and received messages in one go without having to exit the screen. By clicking on the tab above, they can see the number of messages sent and received.

This feature helps save time and sustained attention while executing a task.

Accessing Personality Traits
By being able to scroll, users can see the different pre-filled personalities and the recent messages that they have from different users.

To also give a sense of the unique personality environments, colors have been introduced to make it easy to differentiate each personality type while they are in the message inbox.

Adults Forum is designed for people who fall within the middle-aged adults (36 – 55yrs) and young adults (18 – 35yrs) population.

Project Overview

The project need was a result of an intergenerational sharing research where seniors had to share their stories with younger adults. While this intergenerational academic research began with seniors, the project has since evolved and is now focused on a new set of users (middle-aged adults and young adults). After observing a few long term care homes and gaining insight on how much sharing meant to the seniors, I had imagined, “How might a design solution help bridge the gap between two generations through sharing”. That was when the idea of AdultsForum was designed!


A critical part of the process was developing a "How might we.." question, which was "How might we design a solution for middle-aged adults and young adults to share stories using a personality pairing system that feeds into their lifestyle so that they can socialise and learn life lessons together?". One other critical part was ensuring that the app should fit into existing habits of users and how they currently interact with their smartphones.

A map showing users lifestyle and what they currently do with their smartphones

User Research

The initial data was gotten through personal research work at a long-term care home, where I worked with seniors and realized that they had a lot to share if anyone was willing to listen to them.

The idea of the chat with adults was designed after a few sketches and explorations of how to design a system that allowed sharing between the middle-aged adults and young adults. This led to creating personas and designing the clickable prototype. I carried out usability testing using low-fidelity prototypes with friends and made multiple iterations to the prototype.

This project was quite unique in the sense that user research was as also a design pedagogy into the aging population while working as a researcher.

This simplified platform has been designed to make sharing easy through a personality pairing system.The system of pairing is part of the account setup process where users are able to create their profile by selecting from already existing personalities listed or customizing their preference.

To create better synergy between members in the forum, the design allows users to select from a list of existing personality traits. That means they have the choice of chatting with people with similar traits in the forum or choosing someone with a personality that is opposite to theirs.
Chats are categorized based on different personalities. For easy access, users can tell the number of people in each forum at a given time without a click.

User Insights

The approach used in gathering insights was through contextual inquiries, observing interaction unobtrusively, and then sketching these insights.All of the happened while researching at a long term care home;

Key Insight 1: Adults find it useful when necessary to share with anyone who is interested and willing to listen to their interesting life stories.

Key Insight 2: Users would share stories that range from topics like politics and government to more personal anecdotes about family, friends and interests.

Process of Use

Step 1. Users activate the app, and lands on the home page.
Step 2. Middle-aged adult and young adult users create a profile, and choose one or more personality traits.
Step 3. Interaction is initiated between users types. A pair is created between a younger adult with a middle-aged adult.
Step 4. Users rate and share their experience with friends.

Here is a sketch of the wireframe.

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