Adults Forum

Adults Forum is a sharing app that connects middle-aged adults and young adults through a personality pairing system. The goal of this project is to bridge the gap between two generations. With this platform, users can share stories, ask questions about life, and get advice. I created this project in 2019.

My Role
UX Designer
User Research, Strategy, Interview, Use Case, Wireframing, Persona, Usability Testing, Prototyping, and Visual Communication
HMW design a solution for middle-aged adults and young adults to share stories using a personality pairing system that feeds into their lifestyle so that they can socialize and learn life lessons together?.

Intergenerational sharing using personality traits

The project opportunity was born out of an intergenerational sharing research that I was involved in were seniors had to share their stories with younger adults. After observing interactions at some long term care homes and gaining insight on how much sharing meant to seniors, I approached the opportunity to help bridge the gap between two generations using an easy-to-use sharing platform. Identifying this opportunity was how the idea of the Adults Forum started.

Features That Are Likely To Encourage Sharing And Social Connections

The core aim of the features is to create an experience that will allow users to achieve their goals with minimal difficulties intuitively, and this required research and multiple design iterations.

Adults ForumAdults ForumAdults Forum

Understanding The Users And Coming Up With A HMW Question

After initial research phases of observing and interacting with seniors, I carried out more desk research and came up with a question as a way of framing the ideas and insights that I had gotten. This process led to the question; "HMW design a solution for middle-aged adults and young adults to share stories using a personality pairing system that feeds into their lifestyle so that they can socialize and learn life lessons together?". This process was particularly useful in helping move from need-finding to brainstorming and then the design outcome.

One other critical part was ensuring that the design solution fits into the existing lifestyle of the potential users, especially how they currently interact and socialize with using their smartphones.

Adults Forum
Adults Forum

Insights From User Research At A Long Term Care Home

I was able to gain insights through contextual inquiries and unobtrusive observation of seniors. All of this happened while researching at a long term care home.

‍Adults find it useful when necessary to share with anyone interested and willing to listen to their exciting life stories.

Users would share stories that range from topics like politics and government to more personal anecdotes about family, friends, and interests.

Adults Forum
Adults Forum
Adults Forum
Adults Forum

Lessons Learned And Future Design Considerations

For this project, I felt an opportunity to improve the experience and interface design of one of the crucial steps when using the product, choosing a personality. I believe that if I had to redo it now, there would be a lot more difference with the way elements are placed on the interface and how users, in turn, interact with it.

Also, a crucial part of the process, which is user research, could have been better approached. The reason for this is because the process at the time of getting approval to research with participants in a larger participant group was difficult to come by, and I had minimal resources. So most of my research methods were based on observational studies.

I also think that while I did some amount of testing before creating this hi-fidelity prototypes, it would have been useful to do more low-fidelity prototypes and iterations. Participants tend to be more engaged and willing to collaborate on features that are less refined and can still be modified. Soon, I intend to go back to this project to carry out more in-depth research on this project and redefine the problem space and insights in the process.

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