Adults Forum

Adults Forum is a sharing app that connects middle-aged adults and young adults through the use of a personality pairing system. The goal of this project is to bridge the gap between two generations. With this platform, users can share stories, ask questions about life, and get advice. This project was designed in 2019.

My Role
UX Designer
Problem Definition, User Research, Strategy, Wireframing, Prototyping, Visual Communication

Project Overview And Features

Choose one or more personality trait

With the designs, I found it necessary to introduce signifiers in the form of icons and images that will allow users to easily identify the different personality traits. Also, the “drag and slide” gesture helps users progress through different personality traits. The search feature also allows users to find results easily.

Personalities are categorised and real-time information on active user profiles

Chats are categorized based on the different personalities. For easy access, users can tell the number of people in each forum at a given time without a click. Also, active members are by default suggested as recommendation to new users as a way of fostering sharing and social connections.

Project Opportunity

The project opportunity was born out of an intergenerational sharing research that I was involved in where seniors had to share their stories with younger adults. After observing interactions at some long term care homes and gaining insight on how much sharing meant to seniors, I approached the opportunity to help bridge the gap between two generations using an easy-to-use sharing platform. This was how the idea of Adults Forum was initiated.

Research Process

After going through the initial research phases of observing and interacting with seniors, I carried out more desk research and came up with a question as a way of framing the ideas and insights that I had gotten. This process led to the question; "HMW design a solution for middle-aged adults and young adults to share stories using a personality pairing system that feeds into their lifestyle so that they can socialize and learn life lessons together?". This process was particularly useful in helping move from need-finding to brainstormstorming and then the design outcome. One other critical part was ensuring that the design solution fits into the existing lifestyle of the potential users especially how they currently interact and socialize with using their smartphones.

User Research

User research on this project started with my work at a long-term care home. The insights from these activities led to the process of ideating and then creating personas. Before creating the personas, I visualized tasks and actions that people are likely to perform on their smartphones and the connections that this could lead to among users. This activity was useful because it helped in the process of creating the personality trait feature for the prototype.

Research Insights

Research insights were gotten through contextual inquiries and unobtrusive observation of seniors. All of the happened while researching at a long term care home.

Key Insight 1: Adults find it useful when necessary to share with anyone who is interested and willing to listen to their interesting life stories.

Key Insight 2: Users would share stories that range from topics like politics and government to more personal anecdotes about family, friends and interests.


Process of Use

Step 1. Users activates the app.

Step 2. A senior, middle-aged adult or young adult user creates a profile.

Step 3. The user chooses one or more personality traits.

Step 4. Interaction is initiated between different users types. This is where the pairing happens between users.

Step 4. Users rate and share their experience with friends.

Creating the Visual Language

In creating the visual language for the Adults Forum app, I had to create a mind map of the different key components. The mind map helps me to properly organise my thoughts and to pay attention to key areas when creating my designs. Some of the parts that I mapped are the app features, colours, and use of icons on each screen.

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