Happy Meals

Happy Meals is a solution that helps bring together best meal deals from restaurants in the city during peak periods. The experience is entirely through an online platform and is designed to compete and win more share of the street food and takeout market.

My Role
UX Designer, Strategist
Problem Definition, Business Opportunity, Visual Identity


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Key Features

Two key features are;

Realtime updates:
Notifies users of up-to-date meal deals.

Location Selector:
Browse the nearest restaurant to have meals delivered in record time.

Project Overview

This is a personal project that I designed to cater for the needs of restaurant-goers in the metropolitan city of Lagos, Nigeria. Lagos is one of the most populated cities in the world, and with urbanization comes a very busy lifestyle for people. People spend long hours in traffic after work and in the process developed the food culture of eating out on their way back from work.

User Research

The first phase of my design process was need-finding by researching with experts (restaurant owners) and persons who are socially active at night. The first step was to empathize with users by visiting night clubs, bars, and restaurants. From the initial findings, I was able to gather that after people had gotten enough to drink, they would like to snack street food.

At the end of the need-finding phase, I broadly came up with some questions with the aim of understanding users motivation and their affinity to eat-out culture. Some of the questions that I had were;

What does the street food culture feel like in a metropolitan city?

Why do people choose street food against home made meals?

How do we create and sustain a culture of healthy street meal?

What do restaurants do with leftovers?

How do we design a system that caters to waste?

After getting a sense of the need, I opened up the processes of ideating using the questions I had as a guide, where I had a few friends come together, to sketch their experience and in the end a possible solution. Most of their sketches were designed around smartphones and food order service. I designed a storyboard to visualise my experience.

My approach to research was through observation and having less formal chats with a few restaurant owners. One key insight was that for consumers, their busy lifestyles made it nearly impossible not to stop by roadside bars and lounges, because these places had a strong influence in the nightlife culture.

Identity Design

A single screen of the visual language for the design solution. The use of fruitycolours was deliberately made to be in sync with the product speak.

Process of Use

Step 1. Users sign up on the platform.

Step 2. During peak periods, restaurant operators upload meal at discount rates on the platform.

Step 3. Users place their order.

The platform is updated around the clock. Users will have the option of having their meal delivered or self pick-up.

Restaurant Owner Interface

A single page vendor interface. This page shows how the restaurant owners sign-up or log-in to begin using the product.

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